Fake utility workers spotted in Pa suburb

By Alex Lloyd Gross100808buxcopopo.png

When you own a home and foliage is interfering with utilities, you  will receive a letter to inform you they are coming with a crew on a specific date   to rectify the problem.  The crews will arrive in clearly marked vehicles and the workers will be in uniform and  have ID.  If you call the cops  to verify them, they don’ t care. They are legit.  That was not the case today,June 9 2016 in Bensalem , Bucks County Pa.

During the morning hours, the Bensalem Police Department received a call from a resident in the Glen Ashton Farms development, near Bensalem Blvd.  The claim to have had contact with a crew in a utility truck that told them they were there to cut down trees or do other outside work and requested the homeowner leave their home when the work was being done.  Cops believe this to be a ruse for a burglary.  While burglaries were committed,  the vehicle and the actions of it’s occupants aroused suspicion.  The vehicle was registered in New Jersey.

Should you encounter anything such as this, where people are claiming to work fora utility, call 911 immediately and be prepared to provide a description of them,the vehicle and or their route of travel.

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