Bensalem High School for sale: Listed on website

13344608_10209116608545330_761970701153369868_nBy Alex Lloyd Gross

Senior pranks  across the country  have run the gamut from putting live chickens in the lunchroom and hallway to writing graffiti on nearby highways.  Yesterday,  June 9 2016,the senior class ,or maybe it was just one individual, in Bensalem Twp., listed the entire school for sale on Craigslist.   While the ad did have a photo, it was 100 percent fake, so please, no telephone calls. The listing, which was probably taken  down by the time you read this,  describes the school as filled with insects and asbestos.

This prank was ingenious and cute. It told folks to call during certain hours ( when school was open).   The internet was lit up about it, locally, with students wondering who did it. The responsible party has yet to come forward.   It is doubtful they will face any disciplinary action.

For those that do not know what craigslist is,  it is a website where people offer goods and services for sale.  From cars, to lawnmowers,  and even the services of hookers have been  listed on the site.



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