Cops: Thug who shot dog in Bristol is jailed


Montel Johnson mug shot

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The streets are safer now that  22year old Montel Johnson is under arrest and  in jail stemming from his cowardly involvement when he murdered a dog in Bristol Township in mid April oft his year  Johnson fled like a coward after a warrant  was  issued for him..  A smart criminal would have fled the area, changed their appearance and  assumed a new identity. However, Johnson never educated himself as to the fact that he was a wanted felon. He changed the color of his hair and hung around in north Philadelphia.. As cops and Federal Authorities turned down the pressure to flush him out, he  made an appearance and was arrested inside a Dunkin Donut shop of Friday.

Johnson, no stranger to prison was held under $200,000 cash bail. It is doubtful that anyone will pay his bail.  In fact, the District Attorney will hold a separate hearing to determine where the funds came from, should someone  elect to bail him out. If that money cannot be accounted for, it will be confiscated. Johnson will face a minimum five years in jail for his gun crim

Montel Johnson caught on security video

e alone.

Two other individuals that were with Johnson during his burglary and murder , Brittany Dorio  and Mathew Lily,who were both captured.  Johnson, faces charges of conspiracy   and related felonies. Due to public sentiment and in the interest of justice,it is very doubtful that any reduction of charges or plea deal will be issued to Johnson. in fact, he can expect additional charges to be filed against him once the investigation is concluded.

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He will also face parole violation charges which should keep him in jail for sometime to come. Prisoners do not like  child molesters and animal abusers. Once the prison population finds Johnson is responsible for killing a dog, he can look forward to beatings and sexual assaults on a daily basis.