Fatal car wash mishap in NE Philly

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley news.com Police investigate the crash scene

By Alex Lloyd Gross

One man from northeast Philadelphia is dead, following a tragic accident inside the Kewsin Klean carwash on the 8900 block of Krewstown Road.  The accident happened inside the car wash tunnel just before noon today, June 27 2016.  Details are still being sorted out  but a few facts are clear.  The worker was behind an SUV  that had just gone through the tunnel and was  cleaning the windows.  Another employee jumped into the vehicle in an attempt to pull it forward however, the vehicle was in reverse by accident and slammed into the worker.

While this was happening, the chain drive conveyor system was bringing another car forward  and the man became trapped and wedged in between the two vehicles.  He was pronounced dead by medics  who remained on scene. Shocked workers stood by in disbelief as cops came to their work place to investigate the incident and question the workers about what they did  or saw.

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The family of the co worker showed up and were briefed by police as to what happened. His name has not yet been released. no other injuries were reported.