Philly cop arrested for robbery in Bristol Pa.


Michael WinklerBy Alex Lloyd Gross

This  almost sounds too stupid to be true.  According to Philadelphia Police,  one of their own , officer Michael Winkler,of the 15th police District was arrested in  Bristol, Township for robbery suburb about 10 miles from the city limits, after  he is alleged to have committed a robbery  while on duty inside the Twp.  According to a news release, Winkler hired two males to do some work on  property that he owns and got into a private business dispute with them, unrelated to his duties as a cop.

On May  5 , 2016,  Winkler drove an unmarked Philly cop car to the 700  block of Newportville Road in Bristol.    Winkler was on duty at the time. He  lured the two men to that address and got into an argument with them as they sat in a parked vehicle. At one point,  Winkler is alleged to have demanded and taken all the money that was in the possession of one of the men.  That amount was $38.00.

Winkler is alleged to have lured the men to that location under the pretense of having more work and he also promised to order the men pizza.  An investigation was done and charges were announced that  Winkler was arrested over the weekend with robbery,  theft by unlawful taking  and related charges being  filed against him. He was  suspended from the Philadelphia Police Dept. for 30 days with intent to dismiss.  He was a 16 year veteran of the department.