Man in recovery killed by intoxicated driver


Photo by Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley The suspect is under arrest at the crash scene.






By Alex Lloyd Gross

In a cruel twist of  fate, a pedestrian waiting for a bus , was struck and killed by a suspected intoxicated driver today, June 30, 2016 at Southampton Road & Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia.  The crash happened about 11:30 AM when the driver of a pick up truck blew past a red light and slammed into a passenger car at the intersection.  The truck bounced off the car, went airborne a bit  and jumped a curb, where  52 year old Stanley Anderson was waiting for a bus. Anderson was struck at high speed while he was on the sidewalk. He was pronounced dead at 12:09 PM.  Anderson was a recovering addict, living at a nearby halfway house.

The driver of the pick up truck is arrested and will face serious charges .  Prior to being arrested, he was observed trying to move things around the accident scene and was told to stop  by bystanders. He then sat down on a curb  near the scene where he spoke with the police.    Anderson was turning his life around, living at the nearby Self  Help Movement. where his friends flooded out on to the street  in tears, trying to make sense of the death of their friend.

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The driver of the other car sustained minor injuries.  traffic along the Roosevelt Blvd. was detoured and congested while the scene was cleared up, several hours later. The identiy of the driver of the pick up truck will be released when charges are filed, later today, police said.