Hillary Clinton scolded by Philly cops

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Hillary Clinton in Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross

With the Democratic national Convention coming in to ton next week,  the speakers have been announced and who has been left off the roster  has angered the  Fraternal Order of Police who call it “pandering” to win an election.  While parents of children who have been killed by police have been invited to speak, as well as Trayvon Martin’s parents , while widows of slain local cops have not been invited.

Trayvon Martin was killed by a single gunshot in Florida when he attacked George Zimmerman and beat him. Zimmerman was arrested amid a public outcry and found not guilty.  By contrast, Donald Trump, who secured the  nomination last night, July 21, 2016 from the Republican Party had law enforcement leaders like Sheriff  David Clarke. Clarke  has called the Black Lives Matter group a terrorist organization, as some of their members advocate the killing of first responders.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley News.com Donald Trump in an earlier appearance in the area this year.

The FOP Facebook page has  reached thousands  with most people in support of   them. Trump called himself the “Law and Order candidate” during his acceptance remarks from Cleveland Ohio.  Hillary has aligned herself and her campaign with the BLM group while Trump has distanced himself from it. Most of the postings on the FOP Facebook page condemn this and  praise Trump.

The protests predicted in Cleveland fell far short of what authorities planned for. Authorities are hoping for the same in Philadelphia with minimal arrests for protesters. The protests will start July 24 when Bernie Sanders supporters will hold a march that will tie up city streets. Most of the protest marches will be held during the evening rush hour.

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