Al Franken, Demi Lovato bring levity to first night of DNC

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross-Delaware Valley Bernie Sanders addresses his supporters.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

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Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley Demi Lovato

The first night of any convention is filled with speeches from folks who will tout their nominee while bashing the  other side. Last night in Philadelphia was no different.  It was pro- Hillary and anti Trump. Some of the people talking were polished speakers like NJ  Senator Cory Booker.  Others well, they tried.  There was so much to do yesterday, it’s excusable for a delegate not to be interested in the talk. Inside the arena,there were hundreds of radio reporters  to speak with and there were people watching opportunities as well.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Lt. Hawkins out of control , stops what he is doing to harass photographers.

Outside was a different story. It was hot and humid  and multiple people came together for a protest  against Hillary. They are disenfranchised at the Democratic party for  screwing Bernie sanders out of the nomination. They claim ethics  went out the window when DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from the DNC and got hired immediately by the Clinton campaign.  That protest wound up at Broad Street and Pattison Ave. where the protesters would yell at people going into the convention. 54 people were civilly cited, police said. They attempted to climb the barricade fence.

At that location was Police Lt. Hawkins who proved himself to be a liability to the city and in dire need of training when he threatened to arrest anyone taking photos in that area from inside the restricted area. He even tried to goad   people into assaulting him. The sad fact is  since he is viewed as a commander, other officers see this and believe this is the way to act.  It’s not. Anyone with a pass to be in the restricted area can take photos in that area.  It is untrained and uneducated people like Hawkins that generate lawsuits  against the city.

Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley Al Franken

The surprise of the night inside was Paul Simon when he did Bridge Over Troubled Waters. While he was a featured showman, perhaps a more upbeat song  would have sufficed. in contrast, Demi Lovato brought the crowd to their feet with a rousing number. Eva Longoria , star of Desperate Housewives spoke about how Trump is alleged to have mocked a reporter with a disability then denied it.

The platform included topics like raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour..  Local Rep Bob Brady said he is in favor of raising it.  When questioned about if it’s appropriate to pay people that much for flipping burgers, he was incredulous” Yes, you gotta get them people paid, they  are struggling now gotta help them”, he said. When asked if prices will go up, He said, “No, it going to balance out  people will buy more they will have more to spend”.  Trump wants to abolish the minimum wage and let  states mandate a state wage.

Bernie Sanders was the last speaker of the night. His campaign was centered around raising the minimum wage before  his efforts to become president  were torpedoed by the DNC.