F the police rally implodes on itself in Philadelphia

F-the police BLM protest city hall Phila,Pa July 26, 2016
Dawn Altstatt Photo Special to Delaware Valley News.com The message is not clear as someone tossed water on chalk.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Hand shake With police at BLM protest city hall Phila,Pa July 26,2016
Dawn Altstatt Photo special to Delaware valley News.com A woman shakes hands with cops during the rally.

A rally took place in center city Philadelphia yesterday, July  26 2016   and the protest march was a mis mosh of different agendas and ideals  some of the protestors  were chanting F the police type slogans.  At one point, officers gathered in the street and someone  had sidewalk chalk and put some slogans up that were anti police. Within a few minutes, someone else came and splashed water on it and used their foot to wipe away the message. This was just one of several protests that happened  during the DNC march.

Within seconds, more radicalized marchers confronted that person and confrontation happened. Watch the video The young male with a Black Lives Matter shirt sees what is happening as his friend starts screaming at protesters and trying to instigate   the conversation into a physical fight. Screaming into their faces, as he is protesting in favor of BLM and other radicalized thoughts.

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As the march happened, other members sought out police to shake their hands as they passed by.This same group marched down to Broad and Pattison where four members who were part of the  more radical faction  were arrested on Federal Charges of trying to enter a restricted area, as they jumped the fence that was supposed to be un climbable.