Clinton gets big send off in Philly

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley a jubilant Hillary meets her supporters

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Fresh out of the Wells Fargo Center and into Temple University, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine kicked off their campaign  with a hometown rally, to help them win the White House. They will speak with anyone that will listen.  The rally was scheduled to begin at 12:15 PM, today, July 29,2016, but it was not until after 1:00 PM that  Hillary and Tim showed up.  This was supposed to be outdoors , however, the weather last night proved threatening  so it was moved inside. About 5000 people showed up.  They waited.  Finally, pay dirt, as the two showed up.  They did not stay long. Less than one hour.

As Tim Kaine took the platform first,  this was reminiscent of 1992 when Bill Clinton and Al

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley Tim Kaine greets the crowd.

Gore took to the road on their first 1000 miles.  The two candidates have separate buses and will travel across Pa and into Ohio  by tomorrow. Former President Bill Clinton is traveling with Hillary and appeared with her, but did not speak during  the Temple University rally.

Donald Trump, the Republican Nominee for President  of the United States bashed Hillary and her platform.  Trump wants to cut the minimum wage and lets states set it to what they want,  He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and close our borders to undocumented aliens. Clinton wants the opposite.  “Trump spent his entire speech bashing me  but did not say anything about how he was going to fix anything.” Clinton said.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Tim Kaine says hello.

Judging by social media postings, the voting public is generally sick of both candidates,  Hillary with her recent email scandal that she will not be prosecuted for. Colluding with the DNC to insure her nomination  over Bernie Sanders.  Trump is on record for not paying some of his contractors in full. He has hurt those people financially.  Trump is also accused of having a sham “Trump University” where  people have filed a class action suit  against him claiming they were not taught anything. Trump is also on record in favor of trophy hunting animals in cages.  It’s getting down to which candidate voters are sick of the least  as opposed to who can do a better job.

Alex Lloyd Gross – Photo Delaware Valley Hillary tries to calm the crowd.

Hillary is being chastised for turning everything into something  for money, charging big donors for a dinner reception and a photo with her. After the rally with Kaine, both candidates worked a rope line, and to her credit, Hillary was more than patient with people fumbling with their phones as they tried to get a selfie with her. She was not charging for that. She chatted with folks about their concerns , for free.  She was constantly asked about the minimum wage issue during the rope line and reassured  supporters that it was indeed a priority for her. After the rally, both Clinton and Kaine went into their separate  buses and headed to Montgomery County Pa, for a small rally with factory workers.

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