Heart, Cheap Trick and Joan Jett play Philly area

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley News.com Cheap Trick have fun on stage.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Three classic bands tore the roof of the BB&T Pavilion in Camden NJ last night, July  31, 2016.   Each band got about 75 minutes to play, so it did not matter who was up first.  The show started about 6:45 PM  and ended at 10:45 as  Heart concluded their set with two Zeppelin covers, “immigrant Song”  and “Stairway to Heaven”.    It was a fun night  and the crowd was mostly well behaved except for a drunken idiot  or two.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Cheap Trick
Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com heart live on stage.

First up was  Cheap Trick  These guys are always a fun time and put on a great show.  Most of those at the show go way back with the band and know the songs from the late 1970,s like “Lookout”  . When they launched into that one, front man Robin Zander was at his prime.  he said “Maybe 93 percent of you were not around yet when we did this one”.  He was wrong,  as judging from the crowd that number  should be more like 40 percent. However  80 percent of the crowd knew the song.  Of course they had to do “Dream Police”, “Surrender”  as well as “I Want You  To Want Me”. The only downside was they did not do “Gonna Raise Hell”, which they have been doing on this tour.  It would have been great to see them bring out “Stop This Game” or songs from Found All the Parts  and All Shook Up records..

A lot of the crowd thought Joan Jett would open  and they expected a later  start time. Unfortunately, Cheap Trick played half their amazing set to empty  seats.  When they were done, it was time for Joan Jett.  A Former member of the Runaway’s  has always hated cameras and did not allow photographers to shoot her show. Suffice it to say, she played  most of the songs  people know. She changed her appearance, cutting her hair  as opposed to her long black hair  that was iconic  back in the day.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Nancy Wilson, Heart

Up next was Heart.  Both Ann and Nancy Wilson sounded and looked amazing. The band brought out most of the hits people know ,opening with “Wild Child”. They should  stay away from the slower commercial stuff they did in the mid 80,s  and bring out rockers like “Rockin Heaven Down”.  It’s a magical song that is phenomenal when played live.  They did play “Kick It Out” and “Straight On”, from back in the day. If they want to slow things down, “Dog and Butterfly would be an acceptable choice”.  Yes, this band should headline their own show with 2 and a half hours to play.  They can have Cheap Trick open for 90 minutes.. Better yet start the show at 6:00 and play until 11:00. That would work for most people.

The stage had a small lip that came out into the crowd a bit.   It should have been used more .  There were no stage effects except for a video screen behind the band. One comical thing about the show were signs warning fans to be aware that a mosh pit or stage diving could occur.  Not during this show.  Whoever put that out needs to learn music and demographics.  It’s difficult, if not impossible to say who was better. Cheap Trick is more straight ahead rock,  Joan Jett, more punkish and Heart can rock out then play a quiet number. If this tour is near you, go see it.  You won’t waste your time or your money. That’s a guarantee.