Over 40 hurt at Camden rap show

By  Alex Lloyd Gross

The Snoop Dogg and Whiz temp_logoKalifa  show in Camden New Jersey  at the BB&T Pavilion was cancelled after a railing  gave way and fans fell about four  feet to the pavement below.  In this video,  taken by a fan, it appears the rappers were playing a portion of their show in the back of the house, setting up a small stage  so those fans on the lawn can have a better view. This has been done by many recording artists in the past. It was nothing new.   As the show was happening,  the crowd on the lawn  pushed forward and a portion of the railing  gave way, causing fans to tumble down. Many fell on top of each other.

None of the injuries were said to be life threatening, and all were declared minor .Not  everyone was transported by an ambulance.  In addition to shaky video done by fans, the entire incident was caught on steady security cameras. That footage will be used extensively  to determine  what happened and , in the event a lawsuit is filed,  it will determine if the person is telling the truth about being there or if they are fabricating their story.

Camden Fire EMS personnel worked with event security and medics to treat and transport the injured from the scene.  The show was just about completed when the incident happened. It was just about 10:30 PM when the incident took place.  The performers on the stage were whisked away and a decision  was made to end the concert.  Since a majority of the show was played,  it is doubtful that refunds will be  given.   No statements have been issued by either of the performers.