Tow truck scam in South Philly

Adam Mallett a vehicle is about to be towed when the owner sits on the roof of the car,.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

No one likes to get their car towed. People that run in to a store where parking is restricted are gambling. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose.   However, there are times when someone does everything correct and they get to be a victim of a scam.  The people working the scam are lower than whale crap. The scum of the earth and  George Smith Towing in Philadelphia has been exposed as employing them.

Numerous times, a motorist will park on South, Broad Street by Washington. They see a legal spot  and they pull in. When they come out,  their car is gone. Towed away and held for ransom for $205.00 just to line the pockets of George Smith and his crooked employees. As soon as the vehicle is towed,   a tow driver will put up a sign that was knocked down or misplaced , advising the hapless owner to pay up for face more charges.  The tow driver might be getting a percentage of the money earned by bringing in those cars.

The District Attorney is looking into this to possibly file criminal charges . Calls to the tow yard would yield no comment. To be fair, It is quite possible that George Smith does not know anything about this scam,  and he thought all of the cars were parked illegally.  City officials are also looking into seeing if the sign placement is legal and to see if George Smith Towing is contracted to  tow from that location.  Criminal charges could quite possibly be filed against the driver and his accomplices.

In one case a man refused to allow his car to be towed and sat on the roof of his vehicle until the tow driver released the car.

It is unknown how many people were cheated out of their money by this scam. This towing company is no stranger to complaints and is not a member of the Better Business Bureau .  They would be smart to distance themselves from this scam by promptly refunding in cash  to all people who had their cars towed under these circumstances.