Bensalem pick pockets caught and jailed

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Michael Grantham 12311967Two people are under arrest in different states, stemming from their  alleged actions caught on security cameras on August 24, 2016.  The two were  spotted on camera allegedly pick pocketing a woman who was dining  with her children at the Chick-Fil-A on Horizon Boulevard in Bensalem.  As the victim consumed her food and tending to her business, cops said that Michael Grantham, from New Jersey sat behind her and using a jacket as a shield, picked the woman’s wallet from her purse which was hanging from the back of the chair.Mary Ramirez 01011975

A woman,  Mary Ramirez, of  Philadelphia is alleged to have acted as a look out. As soon as the wallet was lifted, the pair exited the store. Ramirez is alleged to have purchased $1600.00 worth of goods in a Philadelphia Target store . Both were arrested less than a week after the  theft.  Grantham is in the Camden County Jail  waiting extradition to Bucks County. His bail is $75,000. Ramirez is held under $75,000 bail as well.

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The theft was caught on video and so was the purchase using the pilfered cash and credit cards at Target.  With technology getting better, it’s becoming easier to catch criminals, as most of their actions are  video and that video is almost broadcast quality.