Two cops shot in Philly

coplogoBy Alex Lloyd Gross

Two police officers were shot, late last night , September 16, 2016 in Philadelphia.  Both are expected to be okay.  The incident happened near 50th and Pine Street, when a female police Sgt. was ambushed while sitting in her marked patrol car. She was shot eight times, before the suspect ran away.  A pedestrian was also shot, before the gunman would attempt to take more lives.

Commissioner Richard Ross called the situation “:bizarre”. He said that  shortly after 11:15PM Sgt. Sylvia Young was sitting in her patrol car when the gunman approached and opened fire.  The commissioner said that she could not return fire  and was shot several times as she tried to shield herself. She sustained gunshot injuries to her arm and chest. Her protective best saved her.

As cops start to chase the suspect, he runs away and fires into a bar at 51st and Sansom Streets. During that incident, he shoots a security guard and grabbed a woman to use as a shield. After a brief few minutes, he shot her onetime in the leg and resumes running on Sansom Street to 49th Street. He saw a man and woman in a car at that location and fired multiple times into the car, The man was critically injured. The woman died inside a hospital.

As the suspect ran down to 48th Street, near an alley, a University of Penn Police Officer  and two Philly cops confronted the suspect, and shot him.  The suspect later died. He had no identification on him. The University of Penn Police officer, identified as Edward Miller sustained gunshot injuries but is expected to be fine. Effective immediately, all Philly cops will be patrolling in pairs.  Police have no motive for why the unnamed  suspect did what he did.