Joe Biden comes to Bucks County

Alex Lloyd Gross -Photo Delaware Valley Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross


It was not until  after 12:00 PM when Biden took the  stage. The reason he was speaking instead of Hillary, is because Hillary is preparing for her debate with Donald Trump. To keep her presence on the campaign trail, she has brought out  a  cadre of high level speakers to shill for her.  from Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders,  all are busy this week. Especially in Pennsylvania. It’s a battleground state.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley Joe Biden speaks

In addition to that, news coverage of the Philadelphia area resonates in New Jersey and Delaware.  As Biden spoke negatively about Donald Trump, he stopped and shifted gears, “You all know by now what Donald Trump is about, I wanna tell you what Hillary Clinton can do”, he said.  He spoke about how Hillary will bring her experience as a Senator and Secretary of State to the White House.

Biden was preaching to the choir. Everyone was in agreement with what he was saying.  It was a typical political rally, with those in attendance already committed to voting for Hillary. There was no Donald Trump supporters present.  This event was held in the main lobby of the college.  Space was limited and people were packed onto the floor.  People were packed onto the second level over hang as well.  frequently, Biden would gesture to them to rousing applause. Towards the end of his remarks, he removed his jacket and tossed it to an aide.

As the event was over. Biden started his obligatory rope line, to meet his supporters. unfortunately,  there was a group of supporters that were confined to wheelchairs who were close to the front but as people crowded in front of them,  those people were unseen and did not get to meet Biden.