Lone Hillary protester on Roosevelt Boulevard

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Howard Kaplan holds his sign on the Blvd.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When people drive on the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, they are used to seeing people begging for money or even people selling water or pretzels.  Now, with the election less than a week away,  Howard Kaplan has been out at Grant and the Blvd.daily, with a message.  “Hillary For Prison”. That slogan has garnered a lot of support from republicans and people that don’t like Hillary Clinton.

Dressed in bright orange clothing, Kaplan , an unemployed northeast man is adamant about his cause. “I cannot stand her,  she destroyed evidence, she thinks she is above the law” Kaplan said.   As he marches along the median of the roadway, numerous motorists honk their horns in support of him. “I’m 47 years old, I know how to live by minimal means ,  i don’t need a lot”, he said. during a short break. Kaplan said he protests outside of Hillary events as well as  on the Blvd..

He is also wearing a George Washington wig and plans to vote during the election. It is unknown if all of the horn honking will translate into votes for other candidates, but there was  certainly a lot of noise during  the 30 minutes he was observed this week.  Both Hillary and Trump will have rally’s in the area this weekend, as the election looms  closer.