Trump elected President while Hillary refuses to address supporters

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley File photo of Donald Trump

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Donald Trump shocked every political pundit  and defied logic as he cruised to victory early today, November 9, 2016. As early returns showed Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in the lead , taking a few states such as Delaware, and New Jersey, and taking  a commanding lead in other key battleground states, it looked like Hillary would win. By 9:45 PM, at Clinton campaign headquarters, they noticed  Trump winning a few states and in key battleground states where he was losing to her, his numbers were building . He would go on to take states like North Carolina  and Florida.  The music stopped and the crowd  nervously watched as the results trickled in, on massive screens inside the Javitz Center, in New York City.

By 1:30 AM,   it was clear, Hillary had lost the election. Instead of gracing the stage and television with a concession  speech, she sent her aide, John Podesta out to tell the crowd to “Go home, nothing will be done tonight”.  However, she had already called Trump.  Hillary, who ran her campaign by telling people  that she would support the results and honor the results had broken her promise to the American people. Her supporters that jammed the convention center and those that voted for her deserved better. She was now doing what she imagined Donald Trump would  do.

Alex Lloyd Gross- photo Delaware Valley Hillary Clinton speaks in Philly behind the Presidential Seal the night before election night.

It appeared Wikileaks, the Benghazi tragedy, her health concerns, and the deleted emails had all taken their toll . A man who cheated contractors, cheated on his wives,  never released his tax returns and supports trophy hunting and has zero experience in politics had become President Of the United States.  As Donald Trump takes office, his supporters will be disappointed when the wall he claimed to build  does not get built. It’s not practical.  Part of the land is owned privately  or on unstable land.

As Hillary campaigned across the country,  one of her last stops was right here in Philly, where she spoke right after President Obama  . The Presidential Seal was not removed from the podium as she spoke. She brought out many celebrities to entertain crowds. Some of them used foul language in front of children, like Jay  Z. Trump would appear with Ted Nugent  on occasion , but draw massive crowds by himself.  In spite of massive campaign trips  to the Delaware Valley, Hillary lost Pennsylvania.

Dawn Altstatt photo Special to Delaware Valley, Trump,s rally in Newtown Pa.

American’s are upset about political correctness run amok.  If something offends a small minority, ( like the Confederate Flag),  it must be removed.  The majority of Americans are tired of that line of thinking and they are tired of college kids needing a “safe space”.   There are other reasons Trump won, as each person has their own thought process that led them to vote for him.

It is doubtful that Hillary slept much during election night. She might not have even had  any concession remarks written up.  None of that is a valid excuse for not addressing the nation. It makes her look petulant and childish., Many people on social media agree and are upset with themselves for supporting her, when she cannot even support the process. She wasted the time of tens of thousands of people that showed up to support her, not to mention the journalists that were credentialed to cover this.

When Trump took the stage at a midtown NYC hotel  about 3:00 AM, it was doubtful that he slept much either. He did congratulate Hillary for a hard fought campaign and promised to work together with democrats. He said that his campaign was not a campaign but a movement. You can see some highlights here.

In related news, Pat Toomey (r) won re election over Katie McGinty  in the most expensive senate race in history.