Man deliberately destroys Bristol firehouse property

vandal2By Alex Lloyd Gross

It takes a special kind of stupid to deliberately destroy property belonging to a fire company. That is exactly who Chief Carl Pierce of the Edgley Fire Company in Bristol Twp. is looking to chat with.  “We will handle it with the police”, said the chief.  He was referring to the individuals that were driving a red pick up truck that tore up the ramp to the company. “Oh this was deliberatevadanl1e”, said the chief, when asked it it could have been a misunderstanding or accidental.

The pick up truck was caught on security cameras  on the firehouse property.  The photos have been made public within hours of the damage being done.  “This was done at about 1:30 AM today (November 12, 2016)”, Chief Pierce said. He is asking for the public’s help in identifying the driver or other information. “This ramp cost us over $4000.00.  If you have any info to share , contact the Edgley Fire Company at (215) 943-2840.