Trinity comes to Sellersville, features heavyweight rockers

By  Alex Lloyd Gross

Tonight, tininityNovember 20, 2016,  Trinity will be at the Sellersville Theater.  So what is it and who are they and why should you go? Geoff Tate from Queensryche  Tim (The Ripper) Owens from Judas Priest and Blaze Bayley from Iron Maiden, all on one stage.  “I think we are on stage for about an hour and 30 maybe forty five minutes, at least, ” said Tim Owens during a brief interview.

“There will be songs from Priest I’ll be doing, songs from my Jugulator  album and songs that are classic priest,  Geoff does some Queesryche and Blaze will do Maiden, plus some other songs, it’s  going to be a good night Owens said”. The project called Trinity was Tate’s idea and he recruited Owens and Bayley . It’s a project that we will do and take out on the road when we can, it’s not a main thing that we are doing”, Owens said.

Fans that want to meet the band have an opportunity. “I think there is  a meet and greet, VIP but I’m not sure”, he said, but he also said “I think every one knows that outside the venue, around the bus, or if you see us outside,  we will sign things”, he said.Fans of Judas Priest know that when lead singer  Rob  Halford left the band, Owens was tapped to take over lead vocals. The movie Rock Star was loosely based on Owens. “The guys in Judas Priest did not like the way everybody was being portrayed and the way the story was going, so they wanted to have some creativity to the movie, but Warner Brothers said absolutely not, you can have no say.  so they changed the story so they would not have to pay Priest.

Even though Owens played on stage in front of thousands of people, it’s kind of hard to recognize him on the street. “I wear a hat and I look like everyone else, there is nothing to identify me “, Owens laughed.

You can see them tonight in Bucks County. You can get tickets here. To see if Trinity is playing near you, visit Owen’s Face Book page . It promises to be a great, loud night out.