Philadelphia man targeted by bomb

By Alex Lloyd Grocoplogoss

A center city man has been injured by a bomb that was left for him. Police said the man suffers from a breathing condition and regularly gets his medication delivered by the US Mail. He saw an envelope addressed to him on his porch. It had an expired car code on the it and he assumed it had been left on his porch by the mailman. It never went through the mail.. He brought it inside and put it on a table overnight. The envelope was actually a bomb and it was designed to explode upon being opened.

The man, who lives on the 1800 block of Pine Street  sustained serious injuries in the blast when he opened the envelope today, November 22, 2016 just before 4:00 AM. He suffered injuries to his hands, face and chest. No one else was hurt, cops said. The Bomb Squad is investigating to determine specifics about the device.  Police said that Federal Authorities are also do an investigation.

The man had no idea why he was targeted. It is quite possible that the person(s) responsible targeted the wrong house. Every angle is being investigated.