Go Fund me page has been set up by dead robbers alleged accomplice mom

storoBy Alex Lloyd Gross

About a week ago,  two Levittown residents, both brothers tried to rob a pizza parlor  in Middletown , Bucks County Pa. During the robbery  it was revealed they had BB guns.They both were shot for their efforts . One,  Shawn Rose died at the scene, while his brother Justin received critical injuries.  It was announced that the boys mother and pregnant girlfriend had conspired with the boys to rob the store. Police allege that the two had entered the store under the ruse of asking bout the store hours. They left and cops said they relayed the info about the store and the occupancy to the brothers who then went in to rob the place, police said.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com

Both females, Robin Lynn Soto, (62) and Chastiy Demi Ramos (25) have been arrested for conspiracy and other charges relating to their role in the botched  hold up. They came to the police station the night of the robbery to inquire about their family members. Employees recognized them. Cops  did their homework and they were charged. internet detectives found that mother, prior to her arrest had  started a Go Fund Me page to help defray funeral expenses, for her dead son, who she allegedly planned the robbery with.

The comments are snarky,with some telling her to rob a pizza place for money. With her in jail, the page is likely to stay up for some time.