Man arrested for Trump graffiti while lawyer accomplice goes free

Evan Brown

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A lawyer, employed by the city of Philadelphia will not be charged with anything,in connection to anti Trump graffiti , but the man he was with, 33 year old Evan Brown, of Brooklyn NY will be charged with Criminal Mischief , Brown was observed on security cameras  spray painting  F— Trump on the  Fresh  Market   on Germantown Ave.  The incident took place over Thanksgiving weekend and surveillance footage identified  one male, Duncan Lloyd as  a person who was with Evan will not be charged.

Duncan Lloyd

Lloyd ignited furor  when he was seen drinking wine wile documenting  Brown’s deed with a cell phone. When the footage went viral , Lloyd was identified as a labor and employment lawyer with the city. You can read that here. He will not face any criminal charges but he was suspended for two weeks from his employment.  The city Republican Party is insisting  that he be fired.

It will cost up to  $10,000 to clean due to the materials used to construct the building. The market had just recently opened in the city.