Male wanted for stealing cop’s uniform and badge


By Alex Lloyd Gross

A thief was stupid enough to steal a cops badge, jacket and hat while the officer was testifying during a trial at the Criminal Justice Center  yesterday, December 14, 2016. The cop left his jacket with badge attached to it outside courtroom 503 while he gave a quick 15 minute testimony. When he returned, the items were gone.  Every inch of that building is covered by cameras and  the thief must have forgotten that.

After some quick detective work, the cops and security personnel discovered the male and followed his path out onto the street. cameras last saw him  near Broad Street. He is observed taking the cops items and stuffing them into a Macy’s bag, before walking out the door.  He was dressed smartly which means he was most probably a defendant in a court case. Cops are now showing his mug to courthouse staff and working to determine if he had a trial and who he is. There is a very good possibility that this male will be caught within   a week’s time.

The stolen items belong to a 25th District cop. If you know who the male is in the photos you are urged to contact police. you can do so anonymously .