Demonstrations across the USA as Trump takes office

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, yesterday, January 20, 2017.  Today, January 21, 2017, women across the United States  demonstrated for equal rights and equal pay. They also demonstrated against Trump. Some are still offended by him remark about grabbing the private areas of women.  The main  march was supposed to be in Washington DC but with travel schedules, finances and a host of other reasons, a lot of people could not travel to the nations capitol. So they organized marches wherever they could.

In Philadelphia over 10,000 people showed up to hear speeches and march on the Ben Franklin Parkway. It was peaceful and orderly. Unlike in Washington, where rouge protesters destroyed stores, cars and set fires during Trump’s inaugural.  People attending the Philly rally are scared of Trump and feel that his remarks could mirror legislation detrimental to their views. On the campaign trail, Trump paid a visit to Aston Pa, with his daughter, Ivanka  to tout his plan for women. It includes tax credits and  government financial help. When he announced this, all of the women at the rally in Aston stood and cheered.

DSC_0223 (2)
Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Scenes from the women’s march in Philadelphia

People who like Trump are saying that his inaugural drew decent crowds. Those that oppose him, claim the crowds were sparse.  On Presidential Avenue,  during the parade,  the crowds were thick especially the closer to the White House.  Towards the start of the parade, the crowds were not as thick.This is due in part because people knew that he would get out of the  limousine and walk as he got closer to the White House. The parade was delayed for a short while, as police had to insure that protesters were not able to interfere with the parade.

The women’s march in Philadelphia was for a variety of reasons. While most were in support of women’s issues others were there for Black Lives Matter, gay rights and a hike to the state or Federal Minimum Wage.  Signs were a mish mosh of people with different agenda’s. By 5;00 PM, the march and speakers were over and people made their way home. Some discarded their home made signs but others donated them to be used in future, different protests.

The women’s march was held on a Saturday and Trump’s inaugural was on a Friday, when people have to work.  As for Television ratings,  they are irrelevant, as millions of people get their news through 20170120_115030Twitter or Facebook, or other social media platforms. These sources are not are not reported or factored in. On a side  note, The organizers of the Philadelphia women’s march should be ashamed of themselves, as they told the media to sign a release to use for free  any and all photos taken by media members for their own purpose, in exchange for their media credential.