Traffic troubles as PA/NJ Turnpike bridge closed

Dawn Altattt-Photo Special to Delaware Valley Inspectors look at the bridge.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Painting contractors  working on the connector bridge on the turnpike between Pennsylvania and New Jersey found a crack and or a fissure in the steel. They reported this to their supervisors who contacted authorities. The end result was the complete closure of the bridge .  In both directions.  That means you cannot get off at exit 6 in New Jersey to get to Pa. You cannot enter in Bristol to cross over into New Jersey. This closure will last for an indefinite time period.20170120_170240-1

Alternate ways to get across  state lines are the Tacony Palmyra bridge, Burlington Bristol Bridge as well as Scudders Falls over I-95 and  straight over Route 1.  Numerous people have attempted to use the Burlington Bristol Bridge. Huge traffic gridlock conditions that resulted in delays of almost one hour to get from 413 and State Road to the Bridge. Some of the alternate routes like the Tacony and Burlington Bristol Bridge are drawbridges and when they are open, will impact traffic even worse.