NJ Governor shoots off mouth and makes no sense

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware valley News.com Christie doing what he does best.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie made a comment yesterday, February 16, 2017 that has local people furious. He spoke about something he is unqualified to speak about and has no facts about the subject.  The Phillies and Citizens Bank Park.  He called Phillies fans “bitter” and referred to the ball park as “unsafe”.  First,  the Phillies do lose games and no one likes to lose. however, they win games as well and , well, everyone likes a winner.  Just  remember 2008. Christie,  is misguided about sports. He is the governor of a state that has two professional football teams playing  nearby. Actually, the NY Giants play in his state, but he likes the Cowboys.  That should tell you all you need to know  right there.

Now to address the comment that the stadium is “unsafe”. Was he referring to the infrastructure of the park?  Are walls coming down and are seats coming out of their anchors? No. The stadium construction is solid. A lot more solid than the governors  thought process. He must be referring to the fans inside the stadium.  Do fights happen?  On occasion, yes, they do.  Does that mean  riots  start inside the stadium?  No, fights are broken up and the offenders dealt with.  Most of the fights are started by loud mouth fools from out of town that cannot hold their liquor and  start fighting  when the Phillies start beating their team.

Christie has no where to go in two years when his final term expires.  During the course of him at the helm, he has shot down bipartisan support for increased minimum wage, saw his state  entangle  it’s residents in red tape when they seek to recover from Hurricane Sandy.  He has taken to calling teachers “idiots” and , in fact will call anyone that disagrees with him an idiot .  He was successfully played for a stooge by Donald Trump who refused to give him any kind of position inside the White House in spite of his constant campaigning for him. Not to mention he denied involvement in closing  lanes of the George Washington Bridge, even though his staff, ( since convicted) said otherwise.

Now Christie wants to spout his mouth off even more when he leaves office and find work as a sportscaster. He does not need another job where he can  talk without having facts. Perhaps a better occupation for him should be Bridge Inspector.