Aqua club destroyed by fire

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley News . Fire crews arrive at the fire and prepare for an aerial attack.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Aquahub  fitness center, located on the 3600 block of Grant Ave has been destroyed by a quick moving  four alarm fire, today,  March  6 2017 . The fire, which consumed the entire building started on the roof. As firefighters arrived, they  were met with a huge plume of thick smoke and heavy fire that was spreading. They quickly called in a second and third alarm. Not only was the roof on fire, but there were some propane tanks nearby that had to be dealt with.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Firefighters do battle with the four alarm fire.

As companies were called to lay five inch water lines  down Fordham Road, to  use the water as a curtain to keep the tanks cool, other companies pulled into the parking lot and  prepared to use aerial devices to fight the fire on the roof.  A customer, named Ray was in the parking lot,  he was one of a few patrons that were evacuated from the building.  He left is keys in his locker  as well as other items. His car, would be abandoned in the parking lot,  with it’s owners keys  locked in a locker, fate unknown. Many of the people inside the building were in the pool when the fire happened. As they exited, they were put outside into the cold. They were quickly sheltered.

The roof of the building was being replaced and worked on when the fire started . investigators are looking to determine if the roofer was responsible. No official cause was released  yet. as thick smoke billowed across the neighborhood, it  caused  many residents to shelter in place.  Others, in the direct path  of the smoke were evacuated.  A SEPTA bus  was called in to deal with displaced residents. Many will have to have their wardrobes specially  cleaned to get the smell of smoke out of it.

Streets around the fire scene were closed outwards of a half mile in each direction, to give  fire apparatus room to stage and maneuver.