Flower Show makes you think of spring

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Lots to see and small at the Flower Show

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show is in full bloom at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The theme is Holland and professional landscapers and gardeners have elaborate displays that must be seen, and smelled, to be believed.  From giant windmills to flowery gardens, people can meander through pathways to get close enough to take the kind of photos you need a maDSC_0300 (2)cro lens for.

If you have no clue what your are doing in your back yard,  and your garden is full of weeds, you can get tips from experts . A soil sample done by experts can help determine why things do not grow in your yard.  You can find out more at the show. There are less elaborate gardens that feature beautiful flowers. This is more attainable to the mainstream.

Then there are vendors selling everything from seeds to gardening tools and everything in between.  One booth you should check out has expensive brass sculptures. giant animals  and fountains. The show runs until March 19 and is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For more info you can go here.