Region gets ready for racing

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Race cars were brought around the city.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Not even football can get fans as excited as NASCAR racing.  This weekend, racing starts at Dover International Speedway. in fact, to generate even more  enthusiasm, NASCAR officials brought in some race cars that were driven around center city streets of Philadelphia about two weeks ago.  Traffic was jammed, as roads were closed. Full fledged race cars were driven at or below the speed limit, around city hall and other streets. They would stop to have the pit crews show their skill in changing tires at selected locations.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Merchandise tents near the Speedway

This weekend,   those cars will not be going the speed limit.  Cars will be racing on the one mile concrete track to come in first. The track can hold up to 85,000 people and usually, about half  that will show up just to watch the qualifying laps . The weather looks to be perfect for a race so expect large crowds.  The concourse of the event is a show in of itself, with vendors selling everything from food to racing scanners.

Many people that come to this will bring an RV and camp out for the entire weekend. Others will bring a credit card and sleep in a hotel. Dover is about 2 hours from Philadelphia . A few weeks after, people can make the trip up the Northeast Extension of the Pa Turnpike and visit the Pocono Raceway as well.