TV news personality appears to be fired after ejection from club

Wil Sylvince Facebook

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When you go to a nightclub, or out on the town, you cooperate with the rules of the house.  If you don’t you get warned. If you still don’t cooperate,  you get removed. Once you are removed, it’s best to go home or about your business. WPHL TV 17 on air personality Coleen Campbell did not get that message. She was attending a comedy show at Helium, a comedy club, to see Craig Robinson perform a show Sunday night June  4 2017. At some point, she became loud and  was disturbing other guests. She was escorted out of the club and that’s when things got heated and profane.

She started screaming at staff and began to  to curse, using language that a sailor would call obscene. As a lone Philly cop was called, she began to berate him and his profession.  She pretended to sit in the face of employees of the club, The cop said that he just wanted her to go home. An unidentified male was with her and tried to calm her down. She then pulled off her shoe and attempted to throw it at people, or hit them with it.

As she was arrested, she stood in handcuffs and berated the cop some more, calling him names. The officer acted very professionally and ignored all of her rants. She claimed “I work at a news station motherfxxxer”.  She did. She was a reporter for local station WPHL TV 17. Campbell forgot that in this day and age, there is always someone recording your every move.  Wil Sylvince a worker at the club  recorded it and put it online.  Here is the video.   Campbell was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Her career at the station appears to be over.  While she was released on her own recognizance pending a court hearing June 13.   The station website is devoid of any mention of her.

Campbell has drawn the wrath of social media, with people calling her a whore and saying that she is an example of “white Privilege”. Neither label fits her. Campbell was just obnoxious and wrong. A Her name will now be synonymous with this video and when her name is googled, a prospective employer will see this incident. Campbell is a resident of South Jersey. All of her social media accounts have been taken down after the incident.