Additional video released in shooting of toddler

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police just found some additional video of two males they suspect are responsible for the shooting of a 25 year old male and his 1 year old son, as they were on the porch of their house May 17, 2017. These two males were riding bicycles. It is unknown if the bikes were theirs or were stolen.  They rode around the area and when they reached the 3300 block of Malta Street, they saw the victim .

As they approached him, they told him “This is our block” and fired shots at him. bullets hit the man and his 1 year old child.  Cops had some video that was released before but  they scoured the neighborhood and uncovered some more. you can see that here. If you know who they are you can contact cops without giving your name or information. You can fill out this form to do it. There are security cameras everywhere and chances are very good that cops will uncover even more footage.