Several injured in chemical leak at local high school

Dawn Altstatt photo- Special to Delaware Valley  Emergency crews work at the scene of the chemical leak

By Alex Lloyd Gross

By all accounts, the chemical leak at Pennsbury High School could have been a lot worse than it was, yesterday June 6 2017.  Officials said that a class had just finished in the pool area when two chemicals that were mixed together caused a vapor -gas like cloud  to form.  before long, five students had trouble breathing and got taken to local hospitals  They are expected to be fine.  No other students or faculty staff complained of any illness.

A staff member was mixing the chemicals in the pool area, as part of standard maintenance, when this incident happened.  21 students were in the swim class  and their parents will all be contacted, school officials said.  Emergency crews rushed to the scene and quickly determined the incident to be under control. They were on scene for less than 90 minutes.

The school reopened today, with no other issues reported.