Little girl taken by tow truck driver in error

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Repo drivers have a tough job. Some get shot at, or assaulted.  They are dealing with people that will try anything to get their car back including running any kind of scam so that they can take the car when it is lowered. When repo driver Carmine Giannone spotted a 2006 Ford  minivan that was on his list parked on the 4500 block of Chestnut Street., he took the car.

That is when residents and bystanders shouted that there was a sleeping child in the back seat. Giannone pulled over a block away and checked quickly. He did not see the child so he continued onto his lot. The mother called the cops and they spotted the vehicle on the tow truck. They stopped it on 50th street and spotted the little girl sleeping on the third seat, all the way in the back of the vehicle.

The mother, who was not identified by cops  had a warrant out for her arrest from a different department. She was arrested and the driver of the tow truck was not. The entire case was remanded to the Special Victims Unit, for further investigation.  The mother said she left her child in the car while she clocked out of a pizza shop where she worked.  Depending on the amount of time she left her child alone, she may face additional charges, police said.