As Cosmo DiNardo gets bail, parents called before Grand Jury

Cosmo DiNardo

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Grand Jury is a very powerful tool that prosecutors use to get answers to questions in serious crimes.  Cosmo Dinardo is a person of interest in the disappearance of four  young men from the Bucks County area. He spent time in a mental hospital and as such, is not permitted to be around firearms, much less own one. He is alleged to have disregarded that and been in possession of a shotgun.  He was originally charged with that but the case was withdrawn earlier in the year.

The four missing males

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel have taken to a farm owned by DiNardo’s parents to search specific areas  for the missing men. As cops learned of the open case against him, they quickly moved to arrest him and hoped that a high bail would hold him. He was held on $1,000,000 bail which was paid by his parents the next day. While media staked out his parents Bensalem house, hoping to get a glimpse of him returning, the District Attorney has summoned  his parents for a Thursday morning session before the Grand Jury.

It is a felony to lie, or obfuscate  the grand jury. Simply saying you do not know or do not remember  can get that person arrested on serious charges. A lawyer can advise a client to invoke their fifth amendment but that could be tricky. If you answer one question  you must answer them all. Currently, the search is into it’s fourth day with no results.  District Attorney has told the family members of the missing to “remain positive”