Woman thrown out of pick up truck in Levittown

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Falls Police zero in on a piece of evidence.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

An argument in a pick up truck culminated when the male driver pushed his female passenger out of the truck through the passenger door.  The incident happened just after 5:45PM  July 24, 2017, Falls Twp. Lt. Hank Ward told Delaware Valley News.com . “She is in very serious condition and it may be a fatal, the suspect would be facing homicide charges if that happens”,  The incident happened on the 100 block of E. Lincoln Highway just past Oxford valley Road in Falls Twp.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The crime scene is spread out.

Cops were on scene gathering up evidence, including an armrest that the woman grabbed onto, to keep from being tossed from the car.  The driver swerved violently,multiple times, to shake and push her out of the truck. When she did fall out of the open door,she bashed her head on the asphalt road. witnesses were horrified at what was happening in front of them. According to Lt. Ward,  some of them helped the woman as best as they could, while others followed the pick up truck, which sped away at high speed.

Pennsylvania State Police  saw this vehicle and stopped it on nearby Trenton Road. The suspect was arrested. He faced very serious felonies  which may be upgraded if warranted. .  Route 1 was closed for several hours for the investigation. No names were released  at this early juncture in the investigation.