New Animal Cruelty law on books

By Alex Lloyd Gross

By the end of this month, Pennsylvania law makes it a felony to leave an animal tethered outside for an unreasonable amount of time. Dogs that are chained outside tend to turn territorial and will turn aggressive. That’s never a good thing.  Animals that are outside should be able to walk to shade and must have water . An empty water bowl or a bowl that has tipped over is not sufficient.

Animals that are left outside even in a fenced in yard could be harmed by wildlife or even escape by digging under a fence. Nefarious people have been known to trespass on property to steal animals and use them in fighting .  If an animal is going to be left outside for a bit to get fresh air , the ASPCA recommends that you constantly check on them.

People that suspect animal cruelty are encouraged to contact local police. People that leave dogs and cats outside in frigid weather, or intense heat , run the risk of hurting the animal and now risk being arrested and having a felony charge stick with them. Felons cannot hold certain positions. If the temperature is over 90 degrees, it is illegal to tether a dog for for than 30 minutes. The same is if it is under 32 degrees.  Tethering the animal causes psychological damage to the dog, if done on a constant basis.

When keeping an animal chain outside, the chain should be a minimum of 10 feet. It is strongly suggested that the owner comes out to physically check on the animal and play with it.  That way the animal will not get aggressive tendencies.