Idiot takes piss on Synagogue

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

UPDATED AUG 16 2017 Sheidali Dzhalilov saw himself featured on the mews and turned himself in. The 23 year old resident from the 2100 block of Hoffnagle Street  faces ethnic intimidation charges, institutional vandalism and multiple other offenses.

Somewhere, a village is missing it’s idiot and you can help get him off the streets of Philadelphia. Cops said this guy, pictured above is wanted for taking a whiz on a Synagogue.  The entire incident happened just after 12:30 AM when he got out of a white four door car. He was the passenger. This male then walked to the front doors of the Congregation Beth Solomon on Tomlinson Road.  He gave the middle finger to a camera. He then exposed himself and urinated on the walls and sidewalk of the building.

While no damage was done, it was unsanitary,  and against the law. Not to mention offensive to just about anyone with an ounce of common sense.  If you know who this guy is, cops want to hear from you. They also want to speak with the driver of the car. Go to the You Tube page where you can watch this clown for yourself.  He is dumb but not stupid.  He knows what he did was wrong and he runs away like a scared little child.

This comes on the heels of white supremacist sentiment after a rally in Virginia. There,  a group of males who identify with the Nazi party  walked through a university  carrying Tiki Torches.  The men were photographed by journalists and citizens. When the photos went viral, the males became embarrassed and cowered away from the public, the issued statements saying they do not hate Jews, in spite of chanting Anti Semitic slogans . One male, Cole White, was fired from his job as a cook at a hog dog stand, after his employer saw the photos.

Take a look at the photo of our own idiot. Do you know him or work with him? Are you his welfare case worker?  While no damage was done, the .offensive level of what this guy did is high and many Jews will push for him to do jail time. That may happen to dissuade others.