Philadelphia Folk Festival delights thousands

Alex Lloyd Gross -photo- Delaware Valley The Weight Band

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Graham Nash

The 56th annual Philadelphia Folk Festival took place this passed weekend in Upper Salford Pa.  Things would get old fast if the same performers were playing every year.  The line up changes drastically. It’s always fresh.  With that being said, this is the very first year that Graham Nash has been asked to play. That fact he brought to everyone’s attention during his headlining show on Saturday night. The musical genius that is Graham Nash played for about one hour.  As  a rainstorm passed over without drenching the crowd,  the stage  crew was getting set for his show.  The crowd got lucky.

Alex Lloyd Gross- photo Delaware valley Sierra Hull

As the opening notes to “Bus Stop” echoed through the night air, those that took shelter came running from the parking lots and camp grounds, not wanting to miss the show.  By the end of the song, most of the  crowd was settled back into the groove of the night.  Throughout the weekend, multiple stages showcased different musical styles and performers. Don’t like something?  Another stage 500 feet away may be more to your liking.

There were food vendors during the event and the prices were  surprisingly reasonable.  The local Fire Company has a food truck that their members work, and all profits go to that worthy cause and stay in the community.  As you enter the festival, there are craft vendors and different companies that set up booths for familiarize people with their product.  Some of the crafts were really interesting, like hand cut metal lanterns. They sold for about $15.00

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Cry Cry Cry

In Dulcimer Grove,  there are children’s jugglers and circus acts. There are hammocks that people can use to relax, as music wafts gently through the air from the main stage.  The Weight Band,  featuring members that were either in or connected to The Band  closed out the show on Saturday night.. Throughout their performance  people who were passing by the stage, turned to look and stayed to watch their show. They were that good.  The Folk Festival was more than gust Nash and The Weight Band,  it consists of people like  Stephen Wade and Sierra Hull .   Quieter music from a trio called Cry Cry Cry. It’s all. good. There is something for everyone. at this show.

The lineup for 2018 has not even been thought of yet. However, it’s a safe bet that you will see some people that have been here in previous years and also some new faces.  It’s gonna rock.