City to consider moving Rizzo Statue

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The statue outside of the MSB in Philadelphia.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Black Lives Matter,  a group that has been called dangerous by the Southern Poverty Law Center has called for the removal of the statue of Frank Rizzo.. Now, Mayor Jim Kenney has capitulated to their views and has commissioned  public input to offer suggestions on what to do with it. The city is actually going to spend countless dollars to appease a few people that claim , after 20 years, they find themselves “offended” by the statue..

This does not mean it will be taken down. There is a form that people can use. Fill out all the details . It is not known if there is any vetting process to determine if the people filling this out are actually real people or just the same handful of people with different email addresses.  It could also be a case where certain hate groups circulate this form to other people with their same agenda, to fill out. The website said they are looking for input from Philadelphians.

A lot of people that are outraged and upset that the city is even considering doing this can suggest it be left alone. It must be stressed that this is not a vote. This is only a solicitation of ideas for what to do with the statue.  The following is taken  verbatim  from a city news release.  After reviewing the public’s submissions, the Administration will decide in late September whether or not  to initiate the City’s policy for removing, relocating or deaccessioning public art.  This policy requires the Kenney administration to provide the artist with a 30 day notice period. At the conclusion of the notice period, the Art Commission would call a public hearing to vote on the City’s proposal. There will be opportunity for public testimony before the Art Commission.

Anyone interested in submitting ideas is encouraged to submit online.  Ideas can also be mailed or submitted in person to:

Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy
Ideas for Rizzo’s Future
City of Philadelphia
116 City Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Mayor Kenney has quickly aligned himself with Black Lives Matter,  even giving them a mention during his inauguration speech. Some members of Black Lives Matter have called for the killing of police and first responders.  The mayor does not condone that , but the actions of some  group members speak louder than words.  Just last night, members of the hate group  descended en mass to the street where a Philadelphia Police Officer resides.They blocked the street for more than one hour, and terrorized the neighborhood, by chanting hate messages from a bullhorn.  The same group has disrupted city functions  such as a foot bridge opening , to protest the shooting death of a male by Philadelphia Police.

It is quite possible that the statue will be left where it sits now, on the steps of the Municipal Service Building.  There have been protests calling for the Rizzo statue to be removed. It was vandalized two times.  Most of the protesters were bused in from other areas and reside well outside the Philadelphia area. They have no idea of who Frank Rizzo was.