FOP Lodge hosts pro police rally

Dawn Altstatt photo- Special to Delaware Valley McNesby speaks during the rally.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Dawn Altstatt photo- Special to Delaware Valley Black Lives matter protesters are escorted to Comly Road.

On August 31, 2017,  a rally to show support for law enforcement was held at the FOP Lodge 5 in Philadelphia. About 2000 people showed up.  It was open to the public. Anyone could come in and anyone did.  You did not have to be a Philly cop to show up.  As  the attendees ate and mingled,  lodge president John McNesby started to introduce  people who would speak.  Members of Black Lives matter decided this was a great time to disrupt the proceeding and started to protest outside.

Dawn Altstatt Photo Special to Delaware valley Protesters got to raise thier sign for less than 1 minute before being escorted from the rally

Cops quickly escorted the handful of protesters out of the building and onto Comly Rd. No arrests were made.  The  festivities were due to start at 6:00 PM which was a perfect time for people to forego a meal when they came home from work, and eat there. Even if the meal was hot dogs and light snacks.  Local politicians were invited , including those running for office.  It was noted that Larry Krasner, Democratic Candidate for District Attorney was a no show, as was the mayor.  Krasner has aligned himself with Black Lives Matter and his campaign is funded by political meddler  George Soros. Beth Grossman, the republican candidate for the same office was there

During the rally, which took over the entire building,  people congregated in the parking lot and  met up with old friends or made new ones.  Suburban first responders and volunteer firefighters showed up to make their support known.  In this climate, a small but vocal group of protesters have taken to the streets to denounce police.This has an effect on the morale of the department.  While anyone has a right to  protest, these people have taken their protesting to a new level which includes disrupting city functions and even protesting at the house where a police officer lives. FOP President McNesby called these protesters “rabid dogs”. Black Lives matter refused to comment on the statement.

Dawn Altstatt photo- Special to Delaware Valley Supporters come in all species.

A petition was circulated to keep the addresses of police involved in shootings confidential.  It got many signatures. The hours of the rally were from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM but quite a few people stuck around after the rally.