Canstatters hosts Labor Day Oktoberfest

Alex Lloyd Gross -Photo Delaware Valley stuff to buy at the entrance to the festival.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Octoberfest during Labor Day? Yes!. It has become a tradition that the Labor Day Weekend  is the time to go to Canstatters Volkfest, which is located on Academy Road near Holme Ave. in northeast Philadelphia.  You will know you are there with hundreds of vehicles spilled out onto the street, overflowing from the parking lot. Once inside, you can get reasonably priced German souvenirs, such as beer steins,  and one booth has sporting apparel on sale for cheaper than you can buy in a store..

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The staff at the Fire Place Grill

People don’t show up for the stuff to buy, they show up to eat and drink. There is plenty of it there. From Hamburgers and bratwurst, to fries, all can be purchased at the main food stand. If you are smart, you will walk in a bit further and go to the Fire Place Grill which is located just beyond the white tent. There, the food is a bit more expensive but it’s worth it. Roast chicken,  for example, with two sides for about $12.00. It’s delicious.   This place is back under the guidance of Ernie Guidein. If you are a regular at this festival, you know  that man knows how to cook food.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Workers operate the Round Up.

Bring children.It’s not all about beer. There are carnival rides and games that can keep children amused for hours.  The amusements are brought by Johnson’s which is asked back every year.  There are kiddie rides and rides like the Round Up, which  adults and older kids might appreciate.  Once you walk around a bit, it may be time to go back and buy some more food.

This year, the weather is threatening to rain.  That should not stop anyone from going. There is a huge tent which seats  thousands.  The food and drink stations are also covered to keep people dry.  For more information, go here.