Numerous child luring attempts in Northeast Philadelphia

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Police in Philadelphia are asking people to take a few minutes and use extra precautions when you send your children to school or let them out to play. A pattern has developed involving an individual who is trying to get kids to either get in their car, or take photographs of them for money.  In all cases, no child was harmed and the offender managed to get away.  Within the week of September 15, 2017, there have been no less than six attempts in the northeast division.  The geographical area covers from the far northeast to Frankford. There have been no arrests.

Cops want to get this guy in for questioning before his attempts get bolder. There may be more attempts that were not reported.  The ones that have been reported  are as follows.

September 12th  @ 4XX Tomlinson Road. 3PM

The complainants disclosed to the witness that they were leaving school at approximately 3:15PM when they were approached by a Hispanic male in a black vehicle. The complainants stated to the witness that the male offered each of them cash if they got into the back of the car.  The complainants stated that they ran from the male at which time the male left the area on Tomlinson Rd.

Offender #1:  H/M, clean shaven, short black hair, black rolled up ski mask, possibly driving a black SUV (possibly a Tahoe or Suburban) with damage to front bumper, broken headlight, tinted windows, (1) black wheel, and (3) silver wheel.


September 13th  @ 10XX Byberry Road. 12:25PM

Two students (Watson Comly School) told school staff that they saw a male outside of the school with a mask and dark clothing.  The male didn’t do anything just was suspicious.

Offender #1: unknown male wearing all black, mask.


September 14th @ 53XX Ditman Street 10:30AM

Complainant states while she was outside during gym (Sullivan School), inside the schoolyard, she saw a male standing outside the gate taking pictures and recording the children.  He was following them with his camera. No words were exchanged between him and the children.

Offender #1: H/M, beard, light green shirt (striped), navy blue jeans, and black boots.


September 15th @ 49XX Ditman Street 8AM

Complainant states while walking to school, Offender pulled up alongside of her and showed her money and a camera and asked if he could take her picture for money. She was able to run to school and report incident to staff.

Offender #1: H/M, late 20s, black hair, beard, black t-shirt, possibly driving a black vehicle with heavy tint.



September 15th @ 53XX Jackson Street 8:10AM

Complainant states while walking to school, she was approached by a male in a car with money in his hand and a camera and asked her if he could take her picture for money. Then asked her where her friends were.  The complainant fled without speaking to him, ran to school and reported incident to staff.

Offender #1:  H/M,  beard , brown eyes, short hair with little bangs, in his 30s, black t-shirt, small tattoo on inside right forearm (possibly a dragon), possibly driving a black vehicle with tint.

September 15th @ 53XX Gillespie Street 8:45AM

Complainant states that while walking to school, the Offender pulled up next to her and exited his vehicle and asked her to come over to the car. Complainant looked over and he was unzipping his pants. Complainant ran to school.

Offender #1:  W/M(possibly Hispanic), 30-40 years old, green eyes, black hair bald on top, black shirt, jeans and black boots possibly driving a black vehicle with tinted windows.