Local Mayor candidate wants Narco Bunnies: No such animal

Ammhurst NY Police Facebook

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A person running for office probably has some great ideas on how to save money or get the job done better.  Some of those ideas were picked off the internet. However, before putting them forth in a public setting, like a debate, it’s a great idea to see if they are for real . That did not happen in Phoenixville Pa.  Dave Gautreau  Republican Mayoral Candidate proposed the town get trained bunny rabbits to use to sniff out narcotics. After all,  the Amhurst New York police were doing it. It said so on their Facebook page. It just had to be true.

Yes, that department  advised their residents of the “breakthrough in policing” on April Fools last year.  Gautreau  simply saw the Facebook past and ran with it, without any further research, or he alleges that he was told that the Lancaster Police were doing the same thing. Without any real verification. He announced his revolutionary idea at a recent public forum.  Gautreau put up an apology on his Facebook but since took it down. You can see that here, A simple Google search would have revealed that this harebrained idea was nothing more than an internet hoax. Residents are amused but some are put off that he is gullible enough to have been taken in by a hoax and do not think he would be competent enough to be mayor..