Cops looking for “Butt Crack” bank robber

Bensalem Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A 40 year old Phoenixville male is wanted by police in Lower Bucks County Pa for robbing several banks. The most recent one was a Santander Bank on Street Road  in Bensalem.  The robber will announce a crime and then get the money and leave. In this case, Peter Harkins is the male they are looking for.  He wears his pants low and shows off his butt crack which is photographed by security cameras when he exits.. This is not the first time he has done this.


The other angle shot by the security cameras is his face, which accompanies this article. Bank cameras are state of the art and they show every detail clear as day.  Cops know who he is they just do not know where he is. Incidentally, low slung pants  like that are a fad that originated in prisons. Homosexuals would wear their pants in this fashion, as a signal to to other men they were available.  Cops hope to get Harkins off the street soon.  If you know where he is call (215) 633-3719. You can do it without giving your name.