Local racist police chief arrested and charged with hate crimes

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By Alex Lloyd Gross

Frank Nucera, a former police chief in Bordentown , New Jersey has been arrested late yesterday, November 1 2017 . He is charged with violating the civil rights of a black male that was arrested for a minor crime in September 2016.  On that date, Nucera  responded to a motel along Route 206  where he met a motel manager who complained that an 18 year old black male and 16 year old black female were using the pool and  were not registered to the motel.  As the male was cuffed, he began to get mouthy with cops and was standing near the top of some steps.  He just needed to be guided down the stairs but instead, Nucera  allegedly grabbed him and slammed his head into a doorway.

The only reason given for such harsh treatment was the color of the mans skin. Officers from Bordentown were horrified about what they saw and knew they could not confront their boss. They did the next best thing, which was to contact the United States Attorney in New Jersey.  The officers voiced their concerns and they wound up getting incriminating evidence on tape about Nucera. He would call black people the N-word when referring to them.  One such occurrence was when he compare a black male to ISIS saying he had “no value”. That male was accused of slashing tires on a police car.

Nucera is proud of the fact that he detailed K-9  Officers to  basketball games  for the sole purpose of intimidating people of color.  He was arrested at his residence and released on $500,000 bail. Once condition of his release was that he relinquish all firearms and ammunition and his passport.  The Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick called Nucera,s remarks disturbing and disgusting. He added that those who are most disgusted by them do not share his views. Nucera retired from his  job after he was confronted with the allegations and he was told he was under investigation.