Philadelphia man arrested for child pornography

Taron Brown Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Taron Brown , 23, of the  1400 block of West 72nd Avenue was arrested by Philadelphia Police during the late afternoon hours of November 15, 2017. He is charged with sexual abuse of children, and related offenses.  While there is no evidence that Brown ever physically touched any of the children, cops feel strongly  that they  have a solid case. Here is what they said happened.

Brown was allegedly posting photographs of little girls to his Instagram and Facebook accounts. The photos were not sexually explicit, police said. However, Brown made his mistake when he allegedly made sexually explicit comments about the children in the photos.  That is a crime.  police got two anonymous tips from concerned citizens about Brown’s comments and launched an investigation.

They were able to track his account and found he moved to 72nd Street, where he was arrested outside of his residence, without incident.   Free speech does not include   making sexual remarks about children, especially, in a public setting like social media. That constitutes child pornography, police said.