New Philly DA transition team members celebrates massacre of cops

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The District Attorney is the top law enforcement official in Philadelphia. That person makes sure that people are treated fairly at trial and  frivolous charges do not get filed. They are also responsible for determining if a police officer broke the law. The office has always been pro cop, backing up the police 95 percent of the time. Larry Krasner won the race for the new DA with the help of George Soros’ millions funneled into his campaign.  As he transitions into his new title,  he has hired Michael Coard to help him.

While this story made it’s rounds on social media in the past, it was so incredulous , that it had to be independently verified. It’s true.  This person who is working for the new District Attorney  has advocated the massacre of police officers in Texas. He posted on Facebook that he was “celebrating”the shooting of five officers. These are the same officers that would have risked their lives to save him and his family from danger.  But it gets worse. he also posted a meme on his profile page of Oprah Winfrey with “F–K You” all over it.  He dedicated it to Krasner’s former political opponent, Beth Grossman,  the media who endorsed her, and anyone that was against Krasner. He put a disclaimer on it that it was his views and not Kransner’s.

To say that This gives cause for concern to police and first responders in the city is an understatement. With these statements posted to social media , it is clear that Krasner did not do a good job of vetting those he puts in his inner circle, or he ignored  that fact.  Kransner has been accused of ignoring evidence in civil cases.  Krasner made a living suing cops and the city at least 75 times.  Both Kranser or Coard have never been prosecutors or first responders.

The FOP Lodge 5 is not happy about this . Krasner has not issued a statement.Krasner said that he will not prosecute for smaller crimes and wants to stop incarcerating black males for crimes, citing statistics that show more black males incarcerated than any other race. During Krasner’s primary win, a brief chant of ” F–K the police” was started before it was silenced. Krasner has not said if he will fire Coard for his social media postings.