Fugitive arrested in Trevose hit and run death

James Howell -Mugshot

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When James Howell struck two pedestrians on Street Road in Trevose November 27 2017, cops say he fled from the scene. Not before pulling Jessica Kurtz to the side of the road and possibly causing more injuries to her. As he took off, he was hoping to get away. After all, he knew the area and he knew he was going to an area where he could not be suspected of being the driver. He was going to his home in West Philadelphia.It did not work out  that way for him.

Dawn Altstatt- Special to Delaware Valley News.com Te accident scene

Within one month,  his truck was found and early today, November 8, 2017, cops converged on him near 52nd Street and Haverford Ave. He was arrested. Cops in Lower Southampton are confident they have the right guy.  He was transported back to Bucks County,where District Judge Daniel Baronowski set bail at $250,000. He was remanded to the Bucks County Prison. The truck he was driving was impounded.

During the investigation, it was determined that Howell did not have a valid license.  Cops are still working to see if he had valid insurance.  If he did, there is a chance the insurance carrier could deny the claim, as Howell had no business being behind the wheel of his vehicle.  he is charged with accidents involving death or personal injury and related charges.

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