City trashman to be arrested for package theft

Sanitation worker takes package.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Being a trash man in the city is not a glamorous job but it does pay well. That did not stop one worker from snatching a package from the steps in Kensignton . Along the 2200 block of East Oakdale Street,  a city crew was taking recyclables away when one worker fell victim to temptation. He grabbed a package from the steps of a house, and hid it. When he thought no one was looking, he stashed it in the truck for “safekeeping” until he  could spirit it away , presumably after work.

The box was a mystery. It’s doubtful the man knew what was inside.  He would have gotten away with it if this was 20 years ago. Now, today, people have security cameras on their houses and his actions, the truck and truck number were all preserved for the police to see. He has been questioned about it, and cops say, he admitted to having the package, which contained a pair of Uggs boots. He returned them to authorities, who got them back to the rightful owner.

While his name is not being released yet, that is only because formal charges have not been filed. That should happen over the weekend ,in the meantime, the man is suspended and will be fired.  Cops now have to go back over the route of the truck to determine if anyone else is missing packages.

Around the holidays, porch pirates, as they are called  are notorious for stealing gifts that were ordered online.  Some people have taken to filling empty boxes with dog crap or used cat litter. Since the package thief does not know what is in the box,  when they open it,  they get a nice surprise.